Quadrotta - Floor Model

Quadrotta - Floor Model


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The extreme comfort of a seat from the old days with a contemporary and very tropical look. A design made of contrasts between the smooth and the soft, between the minimal and mid-century styles.

The QUADROTTA armchair, supported by a metal frame available in three finishes, features a soft and embracing backrest and a comfortable seat with inner elastic belts, which maximize comfort and durability. It can be upholstered both in leather or fabric and with a combination of two colors and different materials.

This model is also available with seat and back made of two different materials or finishes The price is based on the highest category among materials or finishes.


W 33½ x D 29⅝ x H 28⅜ x HS 17 x HB 28⅜ in.

Store floor model in 2 coverings. Two chairs are available in Habo-Pink S8M fabric with a leather seat in a matching shade.


Please contact StudioYdesign for all available options. Different configurations and materials, and colors may be available. Contact StudioYDesign for further information. 

Ships within 6 - 8 weeks.