EQ3 Arie Chair - The Making Of

Inspired by the word arie, the German translation for the Italian word aria, which represents a musical piece composed for a soloist, the Arie Chair was intended to be the single piece in a space that brings personality. Let us  take a closer look at the inspiration behind and making of Arie.


The Arie chair was first conceptualized in 2014, and involved 10 or so prototypes. A true collaboration of EQ3’s Product Development and Research and Development departments, the Arie Chair made its official launch in May of 2015, and has since become a fan favorite.

Arie Chair EQ3

At the core of Arie is its 3D molded shell, which defines its sculptural curvy shape. Its original design was inspired by popular classics of the Scandinavian mid-century modern era.

 The Making of Arie EQ3

The first step in the making of Arie is filling the inner shell with layers of foam. The cover and lining are then applied, followed by the seat cushion.

The Making of Arie EQ3 Chair

Next, five individual feathered pillows are inserted into each pocket of the inner upholstery. The 25% fibre, 75% feather filling is what makes the Arie chair so luxuriously comfortable.

Sewing the Arie Chair EQ3

The next step is connecting the interior upholstery. The two pieces are adhered by Arie’s statement zipper. Though the zipper can be chosen to create an interesting finish (available in 4 colour options including green, pink, blue and black), its true function is to bond the piece together as one. Best put by Enri, our director of product development, “The Arie chair is a marriage between a tightly tailored shell and a very soft and inviting inner shell, bonded by the zipper.”

Arie-Chair-EQ3-The Making Of

If the exposed zipper is not to your taste, piping can be added for alternative look.

Once the body is complete, the diecast aluminum swivel base is added and the chair is ready to make its way to its new home.


Soft, inviting and interactive in nature, the Arie Chair makes a stunning addition to any living space. With over 130+ fabrics and leathers to choose, 4 zipper options and a piping finish, the Arie Chair can be customized in more than 85,000 configurations.