Styling Tips For Your Small Space

Small space living doesn’t mean sacrificing on style. In fact, it’s about getting creative with space and playing with colour, shape andaccessories to create illusions. Pint-sized spaces favour cost, efficiency, environment and lifestyle over square-footage. A decade ago, small space living almost exclusively referred to loft living, but today petite spaces come in many different forms: micro-condominiums, tiny houses, studio apartments, guest accommodations and increasingly, live/work spaces. Encouraging us to rethink our needs and wants, small spaces pose unique design challenges. From creating optical illusions to clever storage solutions, consider these design-wise tips to make the most of your less than large space.

Think multifunctional.

Most pieces in your small space should have more than one purpose. Double-duty furniture is a must and can provide clever solutions for those exceptions to your lifestyle like holiday dinners and overnight guests. Desks that become dining tables, sofas with hidden beds, banquettes that contain storage….think outside the box to find space-saving solutions. Smart storage is key.

Create optical illusions with colour choices, mirrors and natural light. Neutral palettes will create a more airy and spacious feel while adding mirrors will reflect light around the room. Keep sofas off the floor and let the legs shine. Pull furniture a few inches from the wall (if you can spare the space) to avoid a cramped look with furniture pushed against perimeter walls. 

Floating and open shelves are less imposing than heavy bookcases and keep sight lines open. EQ3 offers a multitude of options for the modern dweller in a small space. 

Forego bulky media centres in compact spaces and bring dead space back to life with personal items like books and tropical plants for an inviting feel. The jury is still out on sofa size in small quarters. Depending on how you will use your space, sofa size can make or break your room’s design. A bold jewel-toned sofa can dominate the space but also be the showstopper piece the space needs. The choice is up to you.
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