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Lighting rules are simple. Depending on the size of the room, you need at least two or three light sources to create the right mood. You want your lighting to cast an incandescent glow over the room to create an inviting, cozy feel. Think Hygge, Danish concept and 2017 buzzword. Of course, always choose furniture wisely but remember that lighting sets the tone for the entire room, so the more options you have the more versatile your room becomes. Depending on the style of your room, table lamps on end tables can add bulk to a room, especially in small spaces. Floor lamps are a great way to create warmth while keeping tighter spaces visually weightless. Kaslo Floor Lamp by EQ3 (above) is versatile for a contemporary or traditionally styled room.Go bold with statement floor lamps that can now replace hanging pendants in dining rooms — like this Cast Floor Lamp with a solid marble base by EQ3. If your living area doesn't have overhead lighting, floor lamps will do the trick. The Cast Floor Lamp can articulate and telescope, so you can adjust the light to shine where you need it.In spacious open plan living areas, floor lamps not only illuminate the space but can be statement pieces that ground an area. The Martian Floor Lamp by EQ3 brings a retro feel with five arms to adjust for versatility. The sturdy marble base and chrome stem fits well into contemporary spaces and can be used in almost any room.


The showstopping Pom Pom Floor Lamp by Calligaris makes a bold statement without overwhelming the room. Inspired by botanical studies of exotic plants, the glass shades naturally and harmoniously extend from the frame, creating a piece that is sinuous and smooth. The finish on the glass softens the lamp, creating a warm, inviting feel. The cement and resin base is sturdy and fits in a contemporary space.Tripod floor lamps offer a unique architectural quality like EQ3's Axle Floor Lamp that offers a black or white fabric shade paired with a pinewood and metal base to provide a natural organic feel.


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