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The Streamline floor model is in (fabric in Bakar 24) stock and ready for delivery

Eilersen's Streamline sofa is a classic expression of values depicted and portrayed by the renowned Danish brand, Eilersen, recognized since 1895. In retrospect, they were not known for sofas, rather it was coaches that bore the signature of the business. The furniture is a depiction of elegance, durability, and quality. Traditions exist to be reinvented, and with pride and pleasure for the eyes, renowned design principles live proudly on in this modern sofa, which in all probability could not have been made a gram lighter than it is. 

Eilersen's specialists are continually scouting the globe not only to find the best quality raw materials but alternatively striving to keep abreast of technological developments. Quality starts with choosing appropriate raw materials. Hence, Eilersen furniture is proof that 100 years of experience gives way to assure of top-of-the-line pieces with excellence, quality, comfort, and durability.

Arm height: 58 cm · Arm width: 9 cm
Total depth (frame): 91 cm · Seat depth: 55 cm
Total height (frame): 71 cm · Seat height: 42 cm

Dimensions: 94.5" x 36" based on our floor model - other options may be available.

The price shown is based on our floor model which is currently on sale. Fabric Bakar 24

Stainless steel legs Stock #OFAE

Contact StudioYDesign to find out more about the many options available.


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